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Kristiani : Jesus in Islam

I Love Jesus, Because I’m Muslim

“ISLAM is the only non christian religion that make an article of faith to believe in Jesus. No muslim is a muslim if he does not believe in Jesus. We believe that he cured a blindman and a lepre with God permissions. We believe he raised a man from a death with God permission. We believe he is the messiah translate christ.”

By Ahmad Deedat

We muslim love jesus, we love jesus more than the christian these days. We love jesus and we follow him :

1. Jesus got circumcised on the 8th day, we muslim also get circumcise.

2. Jesus probits alcohol or wine, we muslim do not drink alcohol or wine.

3. Jesus probits taking interest, so the teaching in islam.

4. Jesus do not eat pork, so does the muslims, they do not eat pork.

5. Jesus teach his student to spread salam as peace be upon you, salom, in aramaic the original language of jesus same as assalamualaikum in arabic. We muslim also tought to spread salam : assalamualaikum.

6. Jesus have beard, so we muslim also have beard

7. Jesus probits adultery, so the teaching in islam

8. The mother of jesus wear vail same as the women in islam.

By Dr. Zakir Naik.

Do the christian knows that :

1. We have chapter in our holy book dedicated to the mother of jesus called chapter Marry.

2. Marry in our holy book is consider as the most noble women praised and honor in this world and here after.

3. Jesus is considered as one of the mightiest messenger of god in islam.

4. In our own holy book, Quran, that jesus is mention 25 times more than Muhammad.

5.     Every time the Muslim mentions the name Jesus (pbuh) without these words of respect, he would be considered disrespectful, uncouth or barbaric.

By Sabhir Ali

We actually have more in common with christian brother than they could realize.

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