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Biography Maulana Muhammad Saad Al Khandalavi

​*_:: ✋a short biography of_*

*_H A Z R A T  J I_*

*_M A U L A N A  S A ‘A D_*

*_K A N D H L A V I  S A H A B_*

*_D A M A T  B A R K A T U H_*

*_(1) BIRTH Information : BORN in NIZAMUDDIN MARKAZ in Hijri-1385, Year-1965._*
*_He has been STAYING in Markaz Nizamuddin FROM the BIRTH UNTIL NOW._*

*_(2) His FATHER Maulana Muhammed Haroon Sahab R.A. who is only a SON of Maulana Muhammed YUSUF R.A. He is the Grand son of Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Iliyas R.A._*
*_His GENERATION starts from ABUBAKKAR Siddique Rd. So, he is called SIDDIQUI._*

*_(3) Hazrat Maulana Saiyyad Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A. made him start his bismillah (START FIRST LESSON) in the Riyazul Jannat of Masjid E Nabawi SAWS._*

*_(4) He got TRAINING and GUIDANCE from Maulana Izharul Hasan Sahab R.A. Any person can imagine about his teaching and training who would visit to Nizamuddin Markaz at his time._*

*_(5) He COMPLETED his ALIM course from Madrasa Kasiful Uloom, Hazrat Nizamuddin Markaz In 1987._*

*_(6) His TEACHERS of Madrasa._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Inamul Hasan Sahab R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Izharul Hasan Sahab R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Ubaidullah Baliyavi R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Iliyas Sahab (D.B.)-Barabanki._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Ibrahim Sahab Devla (D.B.)_*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Moin Sahab R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Godhra R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Shabbir Sahab R.A., Etc._*

*_(7) HE has been TEACHING Sunan Abu Dawood Shareef and Hayatussahaba in Madrasa Kashif Ul Uloom, Nizamuddin Markaz for the long time._*

*_(8) He GOT KHILAFAT from TWO Pious Persons._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Saiyyad Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Mufti Iftikharul Hasan Sahab (D.B.- Kandhlavi)_*

*_(9) He got KHILAFAT at the age of 19 years._*

*_(10) With WHOSE company he LIVED._*
*_* Hazratji Maulana Inamul Hasan Sahab R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Saiyyad Abulhasan Nadvi R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Saeed Ahmed Khan Makki R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Ubedulla Baliyavi R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Haji A. Vahhab Sahab D.B._*
*_* Hazrat Maulana Harun Sahab R.A._*
*_* Hazrat Mufti Zainul Abedin Sahab R.A._*
*_* Miyazi Mehrab Sahab R.A._*
*_* Haji A. Muqit Sahab R.A._*
*_* Maulana Dawood Sahab R.A., Etc._*
*_REMEMBER THIS. Company (Sohbat) is very Important but, it’s not condition of training (Tarbiyat)._*
*_Because Connection of Tarbiyat is from Allah and sometime Allah does Tarbiyat with the source and sometimes without source._*
*_Allah is not helpless for the source. Allah can do anything._*

*_(11) He married to the daughter of well known family of Hazrat Maulana Salman Sahab (D.B.) who is the Principal of Mazahir Ul Uloom, Saharanpur from 1990._*

*_(12) He has THREE SONS and TWO DAUGHTERS._*

*_(13) His TWO SONS has COMPLETED their Aalimiyat who performs their responsibility sincerely and spent ONE YEAR in the path of Allah. And the other is getting education (talim) in Markaz._*

*_(14) He is so PUNCTUAL in all three kinds of sunnat as DA’AWAT, IBADAT and HABIT. And also he makes people act in accordance with sunnat (Mohyusunnat)._*

*_(15) He NEVER RELEASE a single audio in spite of frequent verbal attack on him._*

*_(16) Never seen PERFECT SALAT like him._*

*_(17) He DOES NOT TALK DOWN to the Seerat Un Nabi SAWS and Seerat E Sahaba RA. We can imagine his capability when he talks on dawat and deen and we feel that what a vast Ilm he got from Allah._*

*_(18) Never backbite (Gibat) and listen anybody backbiting. If don’t believe, stay with him (in his sohbat)._*

*_(19) When Hazratji Maulana Inamul Hasan Sahab made a Shura of 10 persons to CHOOSE ONE AMIR at that time,_*
*_with some of the old pious persons of the world he had been choosen in Shura among the ten persons in spite of present other old pious persons._*
*_Not only that, but he had been chosen as a faisal (AMIR) in THREE of the FAISAL._*
*_THIS STATUS IS GIVEN BY ALLAH. It’s sign how pious and capable person he is for this work._*
_M. Abdussakur Khan Sahab, Indori 31 Jan 2017, 2 Jamadil Awwal 1438h_

*_:: ✋ assalamu ‘alaikum_*

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