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Bayan Masyeikh : Maulana Tariq Jamil

Bayan Maulana Tariq Jamil

Chicago, USA.


The Greatness of Allah

My dear brothers and friends, whether it’s the earth or the skies, man or jinn or the angels, all of these are Allah’s (swt) creation, and Allah is their sole creator.

He says: (fa innahu ya’lamussirra wa akhfa) “He knows that which is secret as well as that which is yet more hidden” Taha 7. Sirr means talking softly, so that the person doesn’t understand (akhfa) what a person says to him self i.e. in his heart so that no one realizes, so in this situation the tongue doesn’t move and neither does the ear hear, and Allah says I am aware of that too.

So, the Lord whose knowledge is so perfect that He listens to the external as well as the internal, the soft and the loud, and besides all this: (wa ma tasqutu min waraqatin illa ya’lamuha) “And not a leaf falls but He knows it” Al-Ana’am 59.

Now just lets consider the trees in Chicago. Uncountable leaves are shed everyday. Allah says I am aware of all and all has been written in a clear decree. He says (min waraqah) “Wherever a leaf falls” (illa ya’lamuha) Your Lord knows where it fell or got lost or scattered away or floated away in the water or the squirrel ate it. All is clear in Allah’s knowledge.

Next the Almighty Wise says ? (wa la habbatin fee dulumaatil ardh) “And not even a grain amid the darkness of the earth”…….He knows the seed which is hidden in the darkness of the earth whether it is wet or dry. (wa la ratb wala yabis) “Nor anything fresh or withered but is known by Him”

Then the Maulana relates a saying in Arabic (alghaibu indahu ashsahadah) i.e. the invisible is clearly visible in His knowledge. He sees what is in front and that which is beyond our perception (wassirru indahu alalaniya). He knows what is hidden and that which is evident, the secret of the inner self is visible in front of Him and the external is in His extensive knowledge too….(awaamiruhu jariah wa saariah).

His orders/judgements pour down from the skies like rain droplets. The sovereignty of the whole universe rests in His grasp. The entire universe is in motion by His command, whether it’s the morning or the night, darkness or light, winter or summer, Allah’s power is in motion behind it, it’s by Allah’s decision.

The heat in the sun is not its own it’s not just a coincidence, it is Allah who has filled it with so much fuel all at once. Allah created it. Every machine needs fuel and has to be repaired, but this machine, which has been rotating for the last millions of years, it’s speed is 600.000 miles/hour,.no steering, no gear, no brake, no engine, no driver, and no one to direct it, it’s movement is so quick that it travels at a speed of ? 600,000 miles/hr and the heat it throws in one second equals to that of 100,000 atom bombs….and its been unceasingly throwing this heat since the last trillions of years, and it’s throwing it right now and will throw it in the future too.

It was granted all this power through just this one verse: (wa ja’alna siraaja wahhaja) “We have made it a dazzling lamp” An-Naba’a 13.

The temperature of its inner surface is 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its inner temperature is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit and Allah as well as controlling all this heat passes it over to us. If He let it (the sun) free it would come near us and the whole world would burn away into ashes. And if He would move it away from us the whole world would freeze up and become as cold as the North and South Poles, it would freeze. Allah is holding onto its reins so tightly that neither does it loosen so it may come nearer to us and burn us, nor does it move away so that we freeze away…

Allah says, (wasshamsu tajree limustaqarrillaha dzalika taqdeerul azeezil ‘aleem. Walqamara qaddarnahu manaazila hatta aada kal urjoonil qadeem. Lasshamsu yanbahgiilahaa antudrikal qamara walallaylu saabiqun nahaari wa kullun fee falaqin yasbahoon) “And the sun runs in an orbit of its own, that is the decree of The Almighty The All-knowing and the moon, for which We have determined phases, till it becomes like an old date stalk [dried-up and curved])” Yaasin 39-40. And in another verse, (litaa lamoo adadassineena wal hisaab) “He commanded the sun to rotate so that you may compute the years and to measure (time)” Younus 5.

Then the sun it self has no power to clash into the moon and the day can’t run or overtake the night. Nor do the sun and moon outstrip one another and neither can the day and night collide into one another ? “kullun fee falaqin yasbahoon” Yaseen 40. “Each floats in an orbit” Then he says (dzalika taqdirul azieezil ‘aleem) “This is the Decree of the Almighty the Wise” Yaseen 38. This isn’t Einstein’s calculation which could go wrong. It is ALLAH’s calculation, there can’t be any blunder in it.

(Washamsu wal qamaru bi husbaan) “And the sun and the moon move along their appointed courses” Ar-Rahmaan 5. He has calculated and fed all the information inside it ever since He has created it, so that it can’t divert to any other direction until the sound of qiyamah doesn’t break it.

So the Lord who is controlling this extensive system is controlling the systems of the entire universe. And whatever He desires is what happens in the universe and what we desire can’t happen without His command. Whereas what He attempts can happen without our wanting (wa maa tashaauna illa an yasha allahu rabbul aalamin) “Your wishes are of no avail unless Allah The Sustainer of all the worlds wills” At-Takweer 29.

Money can’t do

So whatever seems as happening through money isn’t so. Our belief is wrong, our impression is totally false, unable to understand Allah’s desire. Allah had planned that this thing would happen through money. Likewise it’s through Allah’s desire that we are restored to health. It was Allah who had planned to recover us through the medicine, but we didn’t see Allah’s will and didn’t ponder over it, we just saw the medicine and the stomachache subsiding so we judged that it was the medicine which recovered us. The reality can’t appear in front of us, we can just imagine it.

Allah has opened in front of us the bondage we have with this world whereas the connection Allah has with this world is invisible to us. The connection that the means have with Allah is not observable. It is the order that comes from His side, which is carried out. We all are humans, neither through our want nor with the help of the human system, it was just that Allah willed to make us human beings.

He could have made us monkeys, dogs, horses, mules, he could make us all vanish into thin air as He has said “in yasha’ yuzhibkum” “He can do away with you if He wills” Ibrahim 19. (in akha dzallahu sam’akum wa absarakum wa khatama ala qulu bikum man ilahun ghairullahi ya’teekum bih). If Allah takes away your hearing and your sight and seals up your hearts, is there any deity other than Allah who could restore them to you?” Al-Anaam: 46.

In this verse Allah is telling us that He has bondage with you and that which is ordered from there is carried out.

The belief that things happen through money was penetrated/drilled into the heart via what we saw and heard. Allah’s prophet’s words tell us that your money bond is with Allah. Your existence is through Allah. When Allah wills, it happens, when Allah doesn’t will, the entire universe can’t make it happen.

(Lawijtama al insu wal jinnu ala an yanfa’uka bi shai’in lam yanfa’uka bi shai’un illa qad katabahallahu laka) “If all the jinn and mankind will to benefit you with something they cannot benefit you but with what Allah has destined for you”.

Our weakness is that we want all our wishes to be fulfilled in this world and the next. Whereas Allah has appointed a principle, (yaa abdii anta tureed wa ana ureed wa laa yakunu illa ma ureed in sallamta lee fee ma ureed kafaituka fee ma tureed, wa illam tusallim lee feema ureed atabtuka feema tureed tsumma la yakunu illa ma ureed) “Oh my servant! You want and I want and only that will happen which I will, thus, if you submit yourself to My will, I will be sufficient for you in what you want, and if you do not submit to My will, I will tire you in seeking your desire, and only that will happen which I will”.

Allah (SAW) also says: (in yamsaskallahu bi dhurrin fa la kaashifa lahu illa huwa wa in yuridka bi khairin falaa raada li fadhlihee) “If Allah afflicts you with any harm, none can remove it other than Him and if He intends to bestow a favour upon you, none can withhold His bounty ” Younus 107.

(Maa yaftahillahu linnaasi min rahmatin fa laa mumsika laha) “Whatever grace Allah opens for man, none can withhold it” Faathir 2. If Allah opens the doors of mercy, honour, wealth and subsistence for you no one can close that door…(wa maa yumsik falaa mursila lahu mim ba’dihi) “And whatever He withholds none can hence forth release” Faathir 2. If He closes the door, the entire world has no strength to open it.

Now, if we compare our knowledge with Allah’s, our knowledge and intelligence tells us that when there is money there is luxury, honour, and prosperity. Our money has no bondage with Allah, wealth is the only means to achieve all these things.

On the contrary, Allah’s knowledge tells us that when He opens the doors of affluence and abundance then only will you obtain all these bounties, and if He closes them no one can bestow them upon you. You will get if He gives, it will happen if He wills, if He doesn’t will it, then it can’t happen. These are the two main factors. And because of this He said in the beginning that man is weak, foolish and ignorant (dhaluman jahulan, ajula) ‘unjust, foolish and hasty’. And because of his feebleness, his mind is weak and so is his experience. No one can challenge Allah’s knowledge (laa mubaddila li kalimaatihee) “None can alter His words” Al-Anam 115.

(laa mubaddila li kalimaatihee) “No change can there be in His words” Al-Kahf 27.

(laa raiba feehi) “There is no doubt in it” As Sajdah 2.

(innahu laqaulun fasl) “It is a word which distinguishes [good from evil]” At-Tariq 13.

(kitaabun uhkimat ayaatuhu tsumma fussilat min ladun hakeemin khabeer) “Whose verses are perfected and issued in detail from One Wise, Informed” Al-Hud 1.

(Ar Rahmanu fas’al bihee khabeera) “The Most Gracious! Ask, then, about Him one who is aware” Al-Furqan 59. Don’t ask some imprudent person about me. Ask someone who is aware of the glory and might of your Lord.

The Glory of  Allah

And as for His glory (lau kanal bahru midaadan li kalimaati rabbee la nafidal bahru qabla an tanfada kalimatu rabbee walau ji’na bi mithlihee madada) “If all the seas were ink for my Sustainers words, the sea would be consumed before the words of my Lord are exhausted and even if We were to add sea upon sea” Al-Kahf 109.

He says (wal bahru yamudduhu mim ba’dihee sab’atu abhurin) “Replenished by seven more oceans added to it” Luqman 27.

If the trees of Australia, America and Europe were cut down and made into pens, then all of mankind and jinns were brought together on the sea shore and were told to write the praise of Allah, and Allah would bestow upon them the knowledge, and everyone would start writing, Allah (SAW) says (lanafidal bahru qabla an tanfada kalimaatu rabbi wa lau jina bi mithlihee madada) “The seas would be consumed before the words of my Lord are consumed, even if We were to add sea upon sea” Al-Kahf 109.

Allah (SAW) is al awwalu bila bidayah, qadeemun bila ibtida, wal aakhiru laisa ba’dahu shai’an, waddaiimu bila intiha)…”He is the first without any beginning, and the Last without any end, He is the eternal without a beginning, and the Last who has no one after Him, and enduring without end.”

Because of this the Prophet (saw)said: (Allahumma anta ahaqqu man dzukira, wa ahaqqu man ubida, wa ansaru man ubtaghiya, wa a’rafu man malika, wa ajwabu man suila, wa awsa’u man a’ta, antal maliku laa shareeka laka, wal fardu laa nidda laka, kullu shayin halikun illa wajhak, lan tut’aa illa bi idznik, wa lan tu’sa illa bi ilmika, tut’a fatashkuru, wa tus’a fataghfiru, aqrabu shaheed, wa adna hafeedh, hulta dunan nufus, akhadzta binnawasi, katabtal aathaar, wa nasakhtal aajaal, al qulubu laka mufdhiya, wassirru indaka alaaniyya, al halaalu maa ahlalta, wal haraamu maa harramta, ad deenu ma shara’ta, wal amru ma qadhaita, al kahalqu khalquq, wal abdu abduk, antallahu, ar Raufu ar Raheemu)

“O Allah, You are the most deserving to be remembered, and the most deserving of worship, and the most responsive to be sought, and the most knowing  to control (govern) and the most generous to be asked, and the most expansive in giving. You are the King without partner. You are the one with no opponents. Everything is destructible except  You.  You are not to be obeyed except with Your permission, and You are not to be disobeyed except with Your prior knowledge. When You receive You thank, and when You are disobeyed You forgive. You are the closest of witnesses, and the nearest of protectors. You are closer than our souls. You have commanded humans. (You wrote the excuses and abrogated the ages of people) To You the hearts reveal all. To You secrets are public. Halal is what You ordained as Halal, and Haram is what You ordained as Haram. Deen is what you have ordained, and decisions are Yours. The creation is Yours and the slave is Yours. You are Allah The Consoling and the Most Merciful.”

The Prophet (saw) has praised his Lord in these words, and if we would start opening each sentence it would occupy millions of books and volumes and pages. Allah’s Prophet (saw) affirming the greatness of Allah, His attributes, existence and immortality, continuity, omnipotence, He is the (Ahadun, Shamadun , Fard) “Alone and Self Sufficient”. You have no match among His creation. You are Uncompariable, You are Ever Living, Your existence is eternal.


Our existence is visionary, illusionary, our existence is dependent on Allah (SWT) The walking of the feet is dependant on Allah (SWT).We sleep by Allah’s will (wa ja’alna naumakum subata) “And We provided you with sleep for rest” An-Nab’a 9.

(wa ja’alnallaila libaasa) “And We made the night as a cloak” An-Nab’a 10 .

(wa ja’alnannahaara ma’asha)
“And We made the day as means of subsistence” An-Naba’a 11 .

(wa kahalaqnaakum azwaaja)
“And We have created you in pairs” An-Naba’a 18 .

(wa banaina fauqakum sab’an shidaada)
“And We built above you seven firmaments” An-Naba’a 12.

(wa ja’alna feeha siraajan wahhaja)
“And We appointed a shining dazzling lamp” An-Naba’a 13 .

(wa anzalna minal mu’siraati maa an tsajjaaja) “And We sent down from the rainy clouds abundant water” An-Naba’a 14.


Whatever Happenes is by His command

Thus, my dear brothers, Allah’s knowledge, Allah’s great Book, and the message of the prophets, all are agreed on the fact, that whatever happens in the universe is by Allah’s command and His will, and, what He doesn’t will, can never happen. Now we covet that our desires be fulfilled, our hopes and wishes come true. Allah tells us the gateway to obtain all we desire.

One way, is that which Shaitan has shown us, and that is that money makes the mare go, but in reality, it isn’t the money that makes it go, it’s Allah’s will. So what is the gateway? (yaa abdii, anta tureed wa ana ureed) You perform that which I have commanded you to, and then I will fulfill what you are longing for.

Ali ra says: (man araadal izzatan bila asheeratin, ghinaan bila maalin, haibatan inda sultanin, wa jahatan bainal ikhwan) “Whosoever intends to obtain honour and he has no clan/tribe, wealth, and he has no money, esteem and respect in the eyes of the sovereign, and dignity in the eyes of his fellows.” (Each man craves for these four things.) And Ali (radhiallahu anhu) further tells us what Allah’s knowledge has guided us to, he says (fal yakhruj min kulli ma’siyatillahi ilaa ta’atillah) “he must come out from the disgrace of the disobedience of Allah toward the nobility of the obedience of Allah.”
Abstain from one thing and act upon the other. Start surrendering yourself in front of Allah’s command, and Allah will abundantly provide you with all four things.

(wa lillahi alizzatu wa li rasulihi wa lil mu’minina)  “All honor belongs to Allah and His Apostle and the believers” Al-Munafiqeena 8 .

(Sa ulqee fee qulubil ladzeena kafarur  ru’ba) “I shall cast terror into the unbelievers hearts” Al-Anfal 12 .


(lafatahna alaihim barakaatin minassamaai wal ardh)  “We would have showered upon them blessings out of heaven and earth” Al-A’araf  96.

(sa yaj’alu lahummur Rahmaanu wudda)  “The Beneficent will appoint for them love”

If  we submit ourselves to the will of Allah, Allah will award us with prosperity, respect, serenity, strength, veneration, reverence, tranquility and Jannah. We will receive all these rewards on the one condition that we yield ourselves to the will of Allah. Then Allah has promised us (kafaytuka feema tureed) “I will be sufficient for you in what you desire,”  in this world and the next.


Whatever we wish cannot be fulfilled in this world. The first thing we want is that we don’t face death, and yet we must face it. Therefore we must attach Akhirat to fulfill our desires. And we don’t want to face old age and its calamities, but, we see that whosoever is given a long life has to endure feeble age. No one wishes to face grief and sadness. On the contrary whoever has lived on the face of this earth hasn’t departed without going through hardship in one way or another.

So the meaning of the phrase (kafaytuka feema tureed) is that he will be awarded a blessed life full of tranquility and contentment and gratification. He will be freed from the greediness and slavery of this world. You will live a life of satisfaction and sovereignty.

The Prophet (saw) says (jama’llahu alaihi shamlahu , wa ja’ala ghinahu fee qalbihi wa atathu ad dunya wa hiya raghimah) “the share that has been destined for you I will provide you with at your feet, I won’t make you scamper behind it, I will provide you with good health, tranquility, I will safeguard you from vices and a sinful life, I will endow you with a life of safety, and then what you desire you will get in Jannah.

(wa lakum feeha ma tashtahee anfusukum wa lakum feeha ma tadda’un) “And there you shall have all that your souls desire, and there you shall have all that you ever prayed for”  Haa Mim Sajadah 31.


What is Jannah?


Jannah is everlasting, it is the ‘jannatul firdaus’ and the ‘jannatul ma’wa’  It starts from the top of the ‘Sidratul Muntaha” When you reach there, your first desire will be to live forever. You will hear an announcement…

(laa yadzuquuna feehal mauta illal mautatal’uulaa) “And neither shall they taste death after having passed through teir erstwhile death”   Ad-Dukhan 56.

You will dwell a youthful eternal life (inna lakum an tahyau feeha fa laa tamuutuu abadan)  “You shall exist forever and will never face death”

If the people of  Jannah were to be told that you will live only the number of years equal to the dust particles on the earth, and then you will be taken out of here, they will start crying. And if the people of Jahannam were to be told that you will be taken out after so many years they will be relieved and will start rejoicing. But, alas, neither of them will be taken out.


(man ya’sillaha wa rasuluhu fa inna lahu naru jahannam khaalideena feeha abadan) “Woe to him who rebels against Allah and His Apostle- verily, the fire of hell awaits him, therein to abide beyond the count of time”  Al-Jinn 23.

(innalladzeena aamanu wa amilu ass’alihaati yahdihim rabbuhum bi imanihim…) “Verily, those who have attained to faith and do righteous deeds” Al-Younus 9.

Those who mould their lives according to the pleasure of Allah (SWT) says: (lahum jannatun tajree min tahtihal anhaaru khaalideena feeha abadan)
“For them, there shall be gardens through which rivers flow therein to live forever” Al-Maidah 119 .

For each it is everlasting. You used to wish of being youthful. Allah tells us, in Jannah you will be granted Adam (alaihissalam)’s height, 125 feet and 15 feet wide, Yousuf (alaihissalam)’s beauty. When they saw him they cut off their hands and didn’t even realize what they were doing. If the whole world’s beauty were to be divided into two parts, half of it would come in Yousuf (alaihissalam)’s share and the other half would be distributed among the rest of the creation.

They will be given Eesa’s age, 33 years. Dawood’s voice, Ayyub (alaihissalam)’s serene heart and the characteristic’s of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alahi wasallam).

They will be (as mentioned in a hadith): [abyath, amrad, ajrad, mukahhal, gi’adun] i.e white, beardless, hairless, they will have kohl in their eyes and curly hair. Allah says: (wa hulluu asaawira min fiddhatin) “They will be adorned with bracelets of silver” Ad-Dahr 21.

(wa saqaahum rabbuhum sharaaban tahuura) “And their Sustainer will give them a pure drink to drink” Ad-Dahr 21 .

He refrained from drinking alcohol in this world, and because of his firmness his Lord will give him to drink the pure drink with His Own hands. Allah has mentioned three degrees. He says:

(yashrabuuna min ka’sin kaana mizaajuha kaafura)  ”They shall drink from a cup flavoured with the calyx of sweet smelling flowers” Ad-Dahr 5.

In this verse drinking by themselves has been mentioned… this is the lowest degree, whereas, the second degree which is superior to the first is…


(yusqauna feeha ka’san kaana mizaajuha kaafura) “And in that they will be given to drink of a cup flavoured with ginger”  Ad-Dahr 17

And the third the degree is the highest of all (wa saqaahum rabbuhum sharaaban tahuuran)  ”And their Sustainer will give them to drink a pure drink” Ad-Dahr 21.

Allah will give this to them with His own hands. He hasn’t oppressed us by forbidding us from drinking alcohol in this world. He has forbidden us so as to save us from a big calamity/loss. So if you drink in this world you will be made to drink the scalding water of Jahannam. But if we forbid ourselves here Allah will grant us the honor of quenching our thirst with a pure drink.(wa saqahum rabbuhum sharaban tahuran) “And their Lord will quench their thirst with a pure drink”  Ad-Dahr 21.

He has refrained us from eating haram, so we may deserve to enjoy the everlasting delicacies of Jannah  which He has prepared for us (lahmi tarin mimma yashtahun)  ”And flesh of fowls that they desire” Al-Waqiah 21.

(wa faakihatin mimma yatakhyyaruun)
“And fruits of their own choice” Al-Waqiah 20.

And these fruits don’t have to be watered and aren’t restricted to a single season, instead, Allah has prepared them by His command of “kun” i.e. “be” so it comes into existence.

Birds will surround the people of Jannah, one will plead “eat me” the other will say “eat me” The birds will be disputing and will be willing to be eaten by this blessed person. Each will narrate its own qualities to tempt him. Each bird will have seventy thousand wings and they will spread their wings so that the vivid colors of each will light up/be apparent. They will flap their wings and all kinds of dainties will shower upon them. They will not need to be cooked.

In this Dunya, along with cooking, feeding is another problem plus the cleaning and the excreting another. In Jannah you go on drinking as you wish and there’s no urine, and you go on eating and no stool. The hadith states (laa yabuuluuna, wa laa yataghawwatuuna, wa laa yatamakhatuuna, wa laa yabsuquuna) They will not urinate, and they will not excrete, they will not have to blow their noses, and they will not spit. They will be rewarded and His bounties will shower upon them, and the doors of His bounties will be open for them…

(wa lakum feeha ma tashtahee anfusukum wa lakum feeha ma taddaun) “There you shall have all that your souls desire” Haa Mim Sajadah 31.

And He says: (inna lakum an tashibbu fa la tahrimu abadan)  “I have decreed that you will never become old or frail”

They will be so beautiful that when they look at each other they’ll continue gazing for forty years.


In Dunya uniformity/sameness causes boredom. We can’t bear to continue eating lentils or vegetables every day. We prefer variety. But these people will gaze at each other for forty years continuously and won’t be bored.

Here we can’t stand staring at each other for even less than forty minutes…if we would a fight would start.

In Dunya uniformity causes boredom. For instance our nafs doesn’t like to eat lentils or vegetables every day, they desire variety. Whereas in Jannah they’ll be gazing at each other constantly for forty years and no boredom, for hours and hours, they won’t move their gazes for less than a single moment.

Everything that they had desired shall be fulfilled. All your wishes can never come true in this Dunya because it isn’t eternal and it isn’t the place for requital and reward.

We’ve been sent here for a tremendous trial. Why should we take the risk of losing our Imaan for the limited temptations and pleasures of this world?  Why do we incline towards the deceiving women of this world (the ones we’ve been forbidden from) and cause ourselves to undergo a great loss in the hereafter and deprive ourselves of the hoorain about which Allah says…

(Hoorun ain ka amtsaalil lu’luil maknun)
“and companions with beautiful lustrous eyes as lovely as well guarded pearls” Al-Waaqia 22.

‘Hoor’ is the plural of  ‘haoora’, which is translated in Arabic as  ‘allatee yahaaru feeha attarf ‘  (that which dazzles the eyes when set upon them).


So eyes will get lost in their everlasting beauty. And the other meaning of the word “haoora” is the women whose eyes are as pearls and the pupil is white and the eyeball is pitch black. As well as this Allah has said…

(ka annahunna alyaqutu wal marjan)
“As though they are rubies and corals” Ar-Rahman 58.

And He says: (fee hinna qasiraatut tarfi lam yat mits hunna qablahum insun wala jaan) “In these will be bashful virgins/mates of modest gaze whom neither any man nor jinn has touched before” Ar-Rahman 56.

When he will stroll in the gardens of paradise he will see a tent that has no doors. As he approaches the tent, a door will appear in which he shall enter and there will the wives of Jannah to greet him and Allah shall say: these are the ones I had promised you, these are the ones whom I’ve told about…


(lam yathmits hunna insun qablahum walaa jaan). ”For this reason I hadn’t even made a door, so no none could sneak in. It has been created right in front of you so that you may have no doubt. Now you are free to satisfy your desires, no limitations/restrictions.

The person in the lowest rank of Jannah will be awarded seventy -two wives and as their ranks go higher up, Allah will increase their number. The Jannati of the lowest rank will be given a Jannah ten times bigger than this world (ata’aun ghairu majdhuudh)  “An unceasing gift” Al-Hud 108.

People like to listen to a melodious voice and that is why people incline towards music.


Allah says, “I will make you listen to the melody of the Hoor of Jannah, whose spit would sweeten the seven seas. How sweet would the words coming out of her mouth be? May Allah fill our hearts with Imaan-Aameen.

Fornication would come to an end, and musical instruments would be broken if the belief of the life of Jannah would be distilled in our hearts. The bottle of alcohol would be smashed and the steps going towards evil deeds would come to a halt.

If the belief is firm in the heart.
There is a river in Jannah called ‘Harwal” where the Hoor of Jannah will be singing on both of its banks.

There is such attractiveness and sweetness in their voice that if you listen to it you would be transfixed.

Allah will ask: “You want to listen to a voice better than this one?” They will exclaim: “Oh Allah! What could be better than this?” Allah will call out, “Oh Dawood! Come ahead and climb the mimbar and sing my hymn.

” His voice was so sweet that when he used to recite Zaboor the mountains used to sway with his voice, the animals of the jungle used to gather to listen to him and people used to faint. Dawood (alaihissalam) will sing and the people of Jannah will be stupefied and fazed.

They will exclaim, “What can be better than this Oh Allah?” Allah will say, “Oh My beloved! Come ahead and climb the mimbar, you sing Oh Muhammad.

Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)’s voice will echo everywhere and silence will prevail in every corner. Allah will ask, “You want to listen to something even better?” They will ask, “What can be sweeter than this?” He will say, (lam yabqa illa arhamurrahimeena) “Now I am the only one left.” I will sing and He will call out, “Oh Ridhwan draw the curtains.” Then He will reveal Himself and seventy thousand curtains will be raised. They will see their Lord, as in the hadith (innakum sa tarauna rabbakum kamaa tarauna alqamar lailatal badr laa tudha’amuuna fee ru’yatihee) “You will see your Lord as you see the moon on the full moon night and you shall not be wronged.”

Allah will say on that day, (marhaban bissadiqeen, marhaban bitta’aieena) “You are welcome Oh My truthful, Oh My obedient bondsmen. And when Allah manifests His glory they will be bewildered and dumbfounded.

They will exclaim “Oh Allah we failed to give you your due of Ibadah, we were extremely forgetful/heedless. We were dishonest many times and lazy in prostrating ourselves in front of you.

The angel who was in Sajdah ever since he was created, will set his eyes upon Allah, because Allah will reveal His glory for everyone, (only the prophet (SAW) has seen Allah before) Gibraiel, Mikail, Israfeel and Izraeel and all the angels of Allah’s throne and the angels of the seven skies will set their eyes upon their Lord, and the people of Jannah will see Allah too.

So great will be His manifestation that even the angels who had breathed their last in the state of Sajdah will say: “Ya Allah maa qaddarnaka haqqa qadrik wa ma abadnaka haqqa ibadatiq” (Oh Allah! We did not pay esteem to you as you had the right to be esteemed and we did not worship you as you deserved to be worshipped).

The people of Jannah will ask their Lord to allow them to perform just one Sajdah in respect of their lord, just once. Allah will reply: “qad wathatu ankum maunatas sujud” (I have relieved you from the duty of Sajdah) Now you are my guest and I am your host, and a host never tells his guest to arrange his own food, at least a civilized human wouldn’t be so mean. Allah will say, You are My guest, and a guest is never troubled.

(kuluu washrabu haneean bima aslaftum fil ayyamil khaliah) “Eat and drink with good cheer in return for all that you have sent ahead in the days gone by” Al-Haqqah 24.

(walakum feeha ma tashtahee anfusukum walakum feeha ma taddaun)
“And in that you shall have all that your souls shall desire, and it you shall have all that you ask for” Haa Mim Sajadah 31.

They will be granted good health, tranquility/ satisfaction, respect, Iman, akhlaaq, security/peace, affection, and after death he will be rewarded paradise and Allah’s pleasure and he will be freed from the calamities of the hell fire.


(…inni kaana lee qareen. Yaqulu a’innaka laminal musaddiqin)  ”One of them will say: Behold, I had a companion who used to ask, ‘Why, art thou really one of those who was said to be true” As-Saffat 51-52.

(fattala’a fara’ahu fee sawaail jaheem)
“And then he looks and sees his friend in the midst of hellfire” As-Saaffat 55.

There will be four gates for each person in Jannah, and there will be one special gate from where he will view Allah and one gate will be between him and the angels.


Angels will approach from this gate by the command of Allah to meet him. And one gate will be between him and his wives, he will go to meet his wives from this door. And one door will be in between him and hell, so that he may be grateful to Allah for the bounties He hath bestowed upon him. He will glimpse through this door and find him in the depth of Jahannam his face will be blemished and he won’t recognize him. Allah will tell him that this is the one you’re looking for. This person will appear in front of him and the person in Jannah will see him scorching in the fire, he will be inflame and in bad shape. The person of Jannah will show gratitude to Allah…if I ‘d accompanied him I would’ve been doomed. It is your mercy that saved me and your grace.

(wayauma ya’addhu dhalimu ala yadaihi)  ”And the day the wrongdoer will bite his hands (in despair)”  And those who had accompanied the arrogant, they will endure irreparable loss, (yaqulu ya laitani ittakhadztu maarrasuli sabeela) Al-Furqan 27.

(yaa wailata laitanee lam attakhidz fulanan khaleela) “Oh, woe is to me! Would that I had not taken so-and-so as a friend” Al-Furqan 28 .

(laqad adhallanee anidz dzikri ba’da idz jaanee) “Indeed, he led me astray from that admonition after it had reached me” Al-Furqan 29.

And those whom will be saved shall say :

(law laa ni’matu rabbi…) “Had it not been for my Lords grace” As-Saffat 57.

Allah has done a trade with us, you obey me and I’ll solve all your troubles/banish your cares in this world and the next.


Whatever you want?

Allah says: you want and I want, what you want can’t occur without my will, whereas whatever I tend to do I can make it occur without your will. So if you obey me in what I want, I will be sufficient for you.

He will grant you an everlasting life and eternal peace. Allah hasn’t hidden peace in money or wealth and luxuries. Allah has concealed all these things in following the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

You want Jannah, become a follower of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) You want refuge from Jahannam become a follower of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) You long for honor/ admiration/fame then grasp on to the Sunnah of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

You want to be loved by Me, hold on tightly to the Sunnah of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

You want your children to obey you, seize on to the way of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

You wish to generate affection in people’s hearts, then become a Muhammadi.

You desire wealth, become a Muhammadi.

You want to be rich become a Muhammadi.

You are urging for dominion/dictatorship become a Muhammadi.

You have a greed for power and leadership, become a Muhammadi.

You want to be saved from deterioration/destruction become a Muhammadi.

You want your offspring to be noble, so first you be a Mohammadi and a true follower of your guide (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

You want to cast terror in the hearts of your enemies become a Muhammadi.

You want falsehood to perish/be crushed become a true Muhammadi.

You want blessings to shower upon you become a Muhammadi.

There is just one key to all the treasures of the heavens and the earth, Allah has broken all the other keys. That single key is “Muhammad ur rasul ul Allah” follow the path of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

No relationship matters. He doesn’t care whether one is Quraishi or Hashimi, being Arab or Non-Arabic makes no difference in His eyes. Following the path of His Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is what distinguishes one from another in His eyes.

Whosoever will meet Him molded in the Sunnah of His Prophet will be His beloved. Whosoever averts from this path shall be dishonoured and humiliated in this world and the Hereafter.

Allah says about Abu Lahab, (Tabbat yadaa Abee Lahab wa tab)  “He perished in Jahaanam” Al-Lahab 1-2.

Bilal bin Rabah Al Habasy ra

Whereas it is narrated about Bilal Habashi (Radhiallahu anhu), his father’s name was Rabah and his grandfather’s name hasn’t been discovered yet, he is so unknown/unspecified, nameless, but Allah has granted him such a high pedigree in His Deen that the Prophet (SAW) said that on the Day of Judgement when the graves will split open I will be the first to come out. Abu Bakr will awake from my right side and Umar (Radhiallahu anhu)from my left and Bilal (radhiallahu anhu) will get up from my feet and He will be calling the Adzan. Allahu Akbar.

And where is Bilal’s grave?  In Sham, Syria, Damascus. He won’t be resurrected from his own grave, he will be raised from the blessed feet of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and as soon he appears he will call the Adzan.

The duty that had been appointed to him in the world. Then the Prophet (SAW) said that people will be walking on their feet, while I will be riding the ‘Burraq”, and Bilal ra will ride in front of me on a red camel.

Once Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was eating Sahoor in Ramadhan and Ali, Alqama bin Ghulafa and Irbadh ibn Sariyah (Radhiallah anhum) were with Him.  He was eating the trotter of a lamb when Bilal arrived and said “Oh Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) morning has risen and the time for Adzan has begun, it is a light which emerges when the time for sahoor ends.

He used to call the adzan after seeing it. So he said to the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) “the time for sahoor is over so discontinue eating.”  He proceeded towards the masjid to call the adzan but he thought for a while and went back to confirm that Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has ceased eating. When he reached there he saw that he was still eating.

Bilal exclaimed to him “By Allah morning has arisen.” The Prophet (SAW) pulled his hands away and exclaimed “Oh servant of Allah, morning hadn’t emerged but Allah caused it to rise because you swore by Allah that it had. (i.e. so that you wouldn’t have to undergo the penalty for breaking your oath).

Allah changed His usual order so that Bilal’s oath wouldn’t be expiated for the sake of His sacred bondsmen. The sun or the moon have never delayed their fixed time, they haven’t even been a moment late or early. But just for the sake of Bilal (Radhialllahuanhu) to save his oath from being breached they were ordered to delay.

Thus Ali ra said; “If  it hadn’t been for Bilal’s oath morning, would not have risen until The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) finished eating” Due to Bilal’s oath Allah ordered it to arise so that Habashi’s oath wouldn’t fall foul.

And how did he achieve this great value? Because of being a Muhammadi.

When the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) passed away he was buried after Dzuhur. He expired in the morning. When Bilal (Radhiallahuanhu) started to call the Dzuhur adzan, and he reached “ash hadu anna Muhammadar rasulullah” his voice became indistinct and he choked because of his crying.

When he finished calling the adzan he descended and said; “I will never call the adhan again”

When Baitul Maqdis was conquered in Sham, Al-Quds, in Umar’s period, it was Friday and everyone had gathered for Jummah prayers.

Everyone suggested that Bilal should give the adhan today as he never used to call it ever since the death of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) Thus, Umar called him and requested him to say the adhan, to call it as he used to in the Prophet’s time.

Bilal replied that “I had promised not to call the adzan but I can’t bear to decline your request” Hence when he stood there and gave the adzan, and when he said Allahu Akbar shreiks rose and it seemed as if Rasulallah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)’s time had returned.

Everyone was weeping. Umar’s beard became soaked with tears. After this incident Bilal ra continued fighting in the way of Allah for many years, but he didn’t return to Medina for a long time.

One night he saw the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) in his dream, where the Prophet said to him “What an unfaithful friend you are, it’s been such a long time since you’ve come to meet me”

He set out for Medina criss-crossing trail after trail. When he entered the masjid it was time for salah. The people were well aware that he didn’t say the adzan, so they requested Hadhrat Hassan and Hussain (radhiallahuanhumaa) to ask Bilal ra to call the adzan, knowing that he wouldn’t decline their invitation. So they both said; “we request you to call the adzan as you used to in our Grandfather’s time”.

Bilal (radhiallahuanhu) burst into tears and exclaimed “I can’t bear to defy your request but I had in my mind that it would be quite hard for me to give the adzan after the Prophet’s (sallallahualihiwasallam)’s demise”.

He climbed the spot where he once used to climb in the Prophet’s time and when he said ‘Allahu Akbar’.

Women left their work and came out of their houses weeping. It was as if the Prophet’s time had returned.  There was great excitement in the whole of Medina. The question is , where did he achieve all this honour?

Not from money and neither through PhD degrees. It was solely achieved through the companionship of the Prophet.

So my brothers if you want to solve your problems, don’t toil over money, instead strive in Allah’s way. Strive in the way of seeking Allah’s favor, diligently work for the sake of pleasing the Prophet (sallallahu alaihiwasallam).

Earn money just to make both ends meet, run after this world just enough for fulfilling your needs. Utilize your wealth and strength and energy all in the path of Allah. This is the only solution for your troubles.

The Position of Rasul SAW among anbiya

Allah has exalted his Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) in the Quran, He has granted him such a great rank that no other Prophet has been given. Allah hasn’t sworn by the name of any prophet except by the name of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

(la amruk innahum la fee sakraatihim ya’ mahuun) “By your life (O Muhammad saw), in their delirium they are blindly stumbling to and fro,  they are madly blundering in their intoxication of lust!” Al-Hijr 72.

It is a phrase in Urdu as well, we swear by the soul of whom we dearly love, likewise Allah swears by His prophet’s life. In another verse He swears by His Prophets words:


(wa qeelilhee…) “And of his cry” Az-Zukhruf 88 .

He swore by the Prophet’s city:

(wa haadzal baladil ameen) “And by this city of peace” At-Teen 3.

(laa uq simu bi hathal balad) “I call to witness this land” Al-Balad 1

And He witnessed for the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam)’s prophecy :


(Ya seen, wal quraan il Hakeem inna ka la minal mursaleen) “By the wise Quran, verily you are indeed one of the Message bearers” Ya-Seen 1-3.

He swore by the book which was sent upon him:

(Qaaf,  wal Qur’an il majeedd) “Qaaf,  by the Glorious Quran” Qaaf 1.

He witnessed over his character.


(Nuun, wal qalami wa maa yasturuun maa anta bi nimati rabbika bi majnuun wa inna laka la ajran ghaira mamnun)
“By the pen and what they write, you are not a madman by the sustainers grace, and for you there shall be a never ending reward” Al-Qalam 1-3.

The esteem that Allah has rewarded the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) is evident in the verses of the Holy quran.


Allah always adressed all the Prophets by their name:

(Yaa Dawood) “Oh Dawood” He called him by his name.

(Yaa Eesa) “Oh Eesa” He was called by his name, likewise (Yaa Adam), (Yaa Nuuh), (Yaa Ibrahim), (Yaa Musa), (Yaa Zakaria), (Yaa Yahya) these are the eight prohets whom Allah has addressed in the Qur’an.

He used the names of all eight of them. Whereas when the Prophet was addressed Allah didn’t use his name. It is a practice in our Urdu language also, that when we call a person by a title it is considered to be more respectful and courteous, as we say Doctor, instead of calling him by his name we say ‘doctor sahab’ (meaning gentleman)

In the same way we say ‘engineer sahab’ ‘chaudhry (a title of the landowners used for calling the respectful people) sahab’ ‘Haaji Sahab’ (they say that to someone when he comes from Hajj.

Similarly if there’s a middle aged person who has a beard they call him haji sahab to bribe him and flatter him up and to get what they want from them) It is a practice in every language that calling someone by his title is more dignified compared to calling him by his name. So when Allah adresses His Prophets He uses their name, as mentioned, Yaa Aadam, Yaa Nuh, Yaa Ibrahim, Yaa Yahya, Yaa Musa, Yaa Zakaria, Yaa Dawood, Yaa Eesa. But, when He adresses His Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) He has adressed him directly, not once has He said ‘Yaa Muhammad’. Allah never called him by his name instead He hath always called him by his title to show reverence to him:

(Yaa ayyuhan nabi) “Oh prophet” Al-Ahzab 45.

(Yaa Ayyuhar rasool) “Oh Apostle” Al-Maidah 46.

(Yaa ayyuhal muzammil)  ”Oh thou wrapped one” Al-Muzammil 1.

(Ya ayyuhal muddatsir) “Oh thou enveloped in thy cloak” Al-muddathir 1.

He never said ‘Yaa Muhammad’ or “Yaa Ahmad” He has distinguished him from all the prophets. He has exalted him above all the Prophets.

Khaleel and Habeeb

‘Khaleel’ is an Arabic word meaning a person who devotes himself to Allah expecting some reward from Him, some kind of compensation, anticipating his Lords bounties. Whereas ‘Habeeb’ means a person who worships Allah longing to meet Him, this is his sole desire.

There is a big difference in the meaning of both words. That’s why claiming oneself as a ‘Mufassir’ just by knowing the meaning of the Quran is a huge mistake. It’s a fashion these days of reading the translation of the Quran and then interpretating it, even in English.

The language that translates the word ‘Allah’ as ‘God’, how can we rely upon it in understanding the Quran? It’s a totally feeble language as compared to Arabic. It is hard enough understanding the Quran in Arabic, let alone the English speaker becoming an interpreter?

‘Khaleel’ they interpretate it as ‘friend’ and ‘Habeeb’ the same ‘friend’. What kind of a language is this? . Arabic can only be understood by having deep knowledge of Arabic. We are hopeless translating the Qur’an. As people gave up learning the Qur’an we had no alternative, so that we could understand at least something, not so that we can claim to be interpreters.

The doctor has started debating over the Qur’an, your job is to incise bodies, that is more suitable for you. Whereas the Quran is for listening to, then acting upon it straightforwardly, humbly obeying it.

How in the world can the Quran be understood through English?  ‘Khaleel’, ‘Habeeb’, one is longing for a return and the other for meeting his Lord. There is a huge difference. No language can translate it in such a way that the difference becomes obvious. When the revelations began, the Arabs who were the people of this language, even they were taken aback when they heard the eloquence of it. They secretly used to listen to the Quran, and would contradict it during the day and listen to the Quran in the night.

When the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) used to recite the Quran in the Kaaba during the night all the kuffar used to be listening surreptiously and enjoying it, to the extent that the stubborn oppressor Umar (Radhiallahu anhu) would behiding behind the curtain listening to the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam).

He would be relishing over the beautiful words. During the day he used to say; ‘I’m going to murder him’, and in the night he used to wake up and go to listen to the Quran.

Umar bin Khattab ra

Once the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) was reading (Al Haqqah mal haqqah wa maa adraaqa mal haqqa kadzzabat tsamuudu wa ‘aadun bil qaariah fa amma tsamuudu fa uhlikuu bit thaghiah wa amma ‘aadun fa uhlikuu bi reehin sar sarin a’atiaah sakharahaa a’laihim saba’ layaalin wa tsamaniyata ayyamin husumaa fa taral qauma feeha sar’aa ka annahum a’ajazu nakhlin khawiah fa hal tara lahum mim baqiah)

“The Inevitable Reality. What is the Ineveitable Reality? And what can make you know the Ineveitable reality? Tsamud and ‘Aad denied the Striking Calamity. So as for Tsamud, they were destroyed by the overpowering (blast) And as for ‘Aad, they were destroyed by a screaming violent wind. Which He imposed upon them for seven nights and eight days in succession, so you would see the people therein fallen as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees. Then do you see of them any remains?”
Al-Haqqah 1-8 .

It has such a beautiful rythym, which has a deep effect on the heart even though we don’t understand it. To the Arabs each word would strike their hearts like a hammer. As Umar was listening, he suddenly uttered to himself ‘Indeed this man is a poet, what a great one’. That is the miracle of the Quran. It is not poetry, but the rhyme is such and the pattern is such that it makes heads swirl. Because we don’t understand Arabic we can’t imagine what superior words are being recited.


Once in the Prophet’s time a man was reciting the Quran, when he read the ayat (fa lammas ta’i asuu khalas’u najiyya) a bedoiun heard him and exclaimed “these words are in no way similar to those of any creature” (fa lammas tai asu khalasuu najiyya) the words (khalasuu najiyya) are translated as:

“They withdrew to make counsel” Yousuf 80.

The eloquence of these words is indescribable, such greatness is concealed in them and the meaning and only the Arab bediouns could perceive it’s superiority.

We can’t sense it, so when we can’t sense it, so when he heard it he exclaimed;  “these words have no similarity to those of any creature.”

And the ayat (wa qeela yaa ardhubla’iy maa akee wa ya samaa’u aqli’iy) Huud 44. Once a bedouin heard this ayat and said; “Indeed these are the words of a great powerful being, these must be the words of a Great Lord, they can’t be the words of any human being.”

So, when Umar (radhiallahu anhu) heard the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) reciting he said to himself; “Indeed he is a grand poet.”

The moment Umar said “he is a poet”, the Prophet (sallallahu alihi wasallam) proceeded to the next verse…(fa laa uqsimu bi maa tubsiruun wa ma laa tubsiruun innahu laqaulu rasulin kareem wa maa huan’ bi qauli sha’irin qaleelam ma tu’minuun)  “Nay! I call witness all that you can see, as well as all that you cannot see that it is indeed the speech of a noble apostle, and is not the word of a poet- little it is that you believe” Al-Haqqah 38-41.

Umar was taken aback, and he shuddered and said to himself, ” what a tremendous trial” and said “indeed he is a soothsayer, a great magician”


Then the next verse struck him, (wa laa bi qauli kaahin qaleelan maa tadzakkarun) “And nor is it the word of a soothsayer-little do you remember” Al-Haqqah 42.

(tanzeelum min rabbil a’alameen)
“A revelation from the Sustainer of all the worlds” Al-Haaqqah 43.

When Umar called the Prophet a ‘poet’, Allah retorted him by informing him that it is the speech of a noble apostle, then when Umar accused him of being a fortune teller Allah replied “And nor is it the word of a soothsayer” You are the ones who don’t understand.

Umar was mortified, at that moment Imaan had taken its root in his heart. This was the first blow, the first arrow that struck him.

The Quran that Allah (SAW) has revealed to the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) cannot be explained through English translations.

It can’t filter into the hearts through this method. First the candle of Imaan must be lit, and then we need to mold our lives in according to the life of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

Only then will the Quran be distilled into the hearts. Each and every single letter will be indelibely fixed into the heart. Then there will be oceans of Imaan.

People of  Tableegh don’t explain Qur’an

It is said that people of tableegh don’t explain the Qur’an, they repeat only one book over again and again and all they do is relate the six points and they don’t pay heed to the Qur’an at all.

First we must establish the ability to understand the Qur’an. Would any sensible person start teaching ‘M.A.’ books to primary children?

If a person who is drowning/emmersed in haraam (unlawful), his earning is haraam his food is haraam how will he be able to understand the Qur’an?  Why should we start preaching the Qur’an in the chilla (forty days)?

Our goal is to entrentch the ability to understand the Qur’an. The only way to revive the Qur’an is through acting upon its commands.

Tableegh is to strive for building your Imaan. If  imaan occupies the heart of a person, then he himself steps forward to comprehend the Qur’an.

We leave behind medical colleges and studied in madaris, that is through the blessings of  Tableegh.

If it hadn’t been for that we would be collecting fees too. Going out in the way of Allah is what implants the greatness of the Qur’an in the hearts.

We agree, learning the Qur’an and Hadith is extremely necessary. We left our homes and colleges and studied in madaris. It’s the blessing of  Tableegh that we were encouraged.

There has to be repetition for our Imaan. It has to be repeated again and again, only then does it embed in the heart.

Therefore the six points, the kalimah, salah, ilm and dzikr, ikraam, ikhlas and tableegh are repeated.

‘La ilaha illallah’ repeat it so many times until the heart accepts it and believes. Then you will be able to understand the Qur’an and the hadith.

Amal and ilm will be achieved, and the urge and desire and courage will be obtained, zeal and eagerness, everything will be attained.

And besides, it’s quite obvious that understanding the Quran in a span of four months is impossible to complete even the basic ‘qaidah’.

Four months and forty days are meant for watering the Imaan. When Imaan is fortified, a person is inclined to attain knowledge himself.


A Jamaat once went to ‘Mandi Bha’auti’. The Maulvi of the Masjid said;  “Don’t come in our masjid, get out of here.”  We asked what’s the matter?  He replied, “You people are against masjids and madaris.”  We asked, “How is that?”  He answered, “this man used to come for prayer, and when he wasn’t going in Tableegh he used to give us 1000 Rs.

But ever since he has started going in Jamaat, he’s only been giving just 100 Rs, it seems you are against us, so go away from here”

We met that man and enquired of him the story told to us by the Maulvi. How he was looking forward to building madaris and masjids, but how can they do that if people donate less?

This man said: “Before, my earning was haraam, and I used to fulfill my needs as well as giving to the Masjid. However, when I went out in Tableegh I realized that I shouldn’t eat haraam, now I’m hardly able to make both ends meet, so 100 Rs,  is all I can afford to give the masjid people.”

Now we can see for ourselves how much Qur’an was brought into practice. He did not listen to any dars-e-Qu’ran in his chilla, he just heard about Imaan. His Imaan persuaded him and he refrained from haraam. He never used to pray, then he started to pray. Eighty ayats of the Qur’an were brought into practice.

There are seventy-nine verses in the Quran regarding salat, in which salat is clearly mentioned.  Eighty verses were followed, and besides this he abstained from haraam, all the verses prohibiting haraam were acted upon.

He adopted modesty, all the verses concerning modesty came alive in him. He desisted from disobedience, all the verses forbidding disobedience were revived. The only way to revive Quran is through practicing upon it.

When someone strides in the way of Allah, Imaan builds up and Imaan escorts all virtues. Morals are enlivened.

We once met a man in Glasgow, Scotland. When he saw us he was outraged and pushed us out of his house, he really humiliated us.

People who marry foreign women, their lives are totally destroyed. This man was married to an English woman. He was in such a state that after an effort of three days we were able to bring him to the masjid.  When we brought him to the masjid he said, “Today after a period of twenty-seven years I have put my foot in a masjid”

No salah, Jummah, Eid, Eid-ul-adha. Such was his condition. First time in twenty-seven years.

Then we continued bringing him to the masjid. For three days we used to bring him and drop him off to his house. After three days he wrote his name for three days.

After these three days in Jamaah, Allah brought such a transformation in his life. He cried so much and said, “my mother and father died and still I never cried, and now my tears don’t stop”

Then he came to Pakistan and pay his twenty-seven years zakat all at once. This took place in 1983. Now it is 1998.

In this span of fifteen years neither has he missed his salat and nor his tahajjud or tilawah or fast or dzikr or zakat. All this from spending a period of three days in the way of Allah.

All the ayahs regarding salat, zakat, dzikr and tilawat, being good to relatives were revived. As the result of spending three days.

Then I visited him in 1994 and he spent another three days with us. That’s all he spent, and his entire life was transformed.

When the imaan is irrigated, when the roots are watered the branches foliate themselves. Can branches foliate if they are not watered? The branches are green when the roots are watered.

Tableegh is the effort for building the Imaan. The Imaan and Amal are cultivated.

Masha’Allah in the madaris of Pakistan there are so many children of educated (dunia education) people. They are leaving colleges and universities and taking admission into madaris to acquire religious knowledge.

And over in Pakistan there is a Dr. Abdul Qadeer, the son of a scientist working in his plant. He came from Islamabad to one of our small towns, ‘Qalamba’ and said that he wanted to study religious knowledge.

We said to him “You’re the son of a scientist, go get written permission from your father, lest you draw a trial over us, only then will we admit you.

He brought written permission from his father to allow him to do whatever he wishes. Then we admitted him in our madrasa.

When Imaan is reinforced it moves the lives towards Qur’anic and Hadith teachings.

Adopting the life of the Prophet

Thus, my brother… for adopting the life of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) the first step we must take is to learn the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam)’s mode of life.

Secondly, we must propagate the blessed life of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) as there is no prophet after him and his being the prophet means that he is the prophet of all of mankind:

(yaa ayyuhannas innee rasulullahi ilaikum jami’a) “Say [Oh Muhammad]: ‘Oh Mankind! I am the apostle of Allah to all of you” Al-Araf 158.

And also to Jinn (wa’ idz sarafna ilaika nafaran minal jinn) “And when We inclined towards you a group of jinns” Al-Ahqaf 29.

And not just this whole world, but all the hidden and apparent worlds. Allah says:

(Tabarakalladhi nazzala al furqana a’la abdihi li yakuuna lil a’lameena nadziiraa) “Blessed is the One Who has revealed the Al-Furqan (the criterion to distinguish right from wrong: The Qur’an) to His servant, that he may be a warner to the worlds” Al-Furqan 1.

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is the apostle for all the worlds and all of mankind and all the jinn, but, we see that he was called back after a span of twenty-three years. Why?


He was given the Prophethood far and wide till America and Africa and returned back to his Lord in a mere few years. Come back its enough. No other Prophet lasted for just twenty-three years.

Our Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was given the shortest time. Just twenty-three years and yet he was consigned the largest area.

All  seven continents, all their progeny, people of every race and nationality. He was sent to all mankind all the devils.

The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) once said that there is a shaitan with every person, the Sahaba inquired, “is there a shaitan with you too?” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said “Yes, there was a shaitan with me too, but he converted to Islam”

Thus the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has been sent to all the jinns and shaitans and all of mankind. This demands that he would have been given a rocket or that plane which flies really fast, the concord.

He would have been given that and he would travel on that to all countries in Asia and America, Australia and Africa, Europe, Java, Sumatra, Hawaii and Fiji.

So that he could go everywhere and deliver the divine message in every nook and corner. Quite surprisingly this wasn’t so. Just after a span of twenty-three years he was called back.

Without the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) moving a step beyond the boundry of Arabia. His farthest journey was of  ‘Tabuk’ which is the border of Jordan, he did not go any further than this. And yet he was given the prophethood of all the worlds.

So what arrangements have been made? It is the responsibility of the Prophet, either he go by himself to preach the message or send someone in his place. But both these things are not seen in the Prophet’s life.

The most he did was that he called the Persian Empire to Islam and he called the Roman empire, and the Yemeni rule, that of Palestine, Egypt, Muscat, Oman, the people of Najran. These were the only nearby governments, which he invited to Islam.

All the other affinities were left empty. So what procedure has Allah adopted?

Kuntum Khaira Ummah

He says (kuntum khaira ummatin ukhrijat linnas ta’muruna bil ma’ruf wa tanhauna anil munkar wa tu’minuna billah) “You are indeed the best nation which has ever been brought forth for [the good] of mankind; you enjoin good, forbid evil and you believe in Allah” Al-Imran 110.

This is the arrangement that Allah has made. The Quran informs us that Allah, in this ayat first praises us, that you are the best, you are the superlative, He first extols us, because He wants to employ us, He first pays tribute to us.


When we want to take some service from someone we first compliment him. Allah says you are My favorite even the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said that my Ummah is the most honorable amongst all the Ummahs.

On the day of Qiyamah this Ummah will be the first to enter Jannah. They are the last to come and the first to go.

There are two advantages in being the last to come. Firstly, they have to wait for a shorter period, as waiting is a big predicament too. So Allah reduced this period of waiting for their sake.

If we were be told at the airport that there has been a delay of eight hours in our flight we would be distressed and if it were on time we would be content.

Allah has saved us from the hardship of waiting. In this time we are living, Qiyamah is near us. Most of its signs are in front of us. Allah has reduced the time of waiting and the second favour Allah has done for us is that He has exposed in front of us all the sins and bad doings of all the other Ummahs.

Luth (alaihissalam)’s nation did this, Shuaib (alaihissalam)’s nation did this, this is what Firaun did, Qaruun did this, the People of Aad did this, Nuh (alaihissalam)’s people commited these sins.

When it was our turn there was no one to disclose our sins to. Allah veiled our sins, there isn’t anyone to tell our sins to.

Allah’s glory is such that even on the Day of Judgement, Allah’s beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will request His Lord “Oh Allah allow me to take account of my Ummah’s deeds.” Allah will ask him why, and he will answer that I want to take account of my Ummah’s deeds so they do not be humiliated in front of anyone. Allah will exclaim, “When you take account for their deeds, and their sins will be concealed in front of you, will they not be embrassed?”

The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will reply, “Yes they will be humiliated.” Allah will say, “I will take account of their deeds alone so that they won’t be debased in front of you too.”

Allah has by His grace not disclosed our sins in the world and neither will He do so in the Hereafter.

But if someone transgresses Allah’s bounds and becomes totally immodest and lewd, Allah disgraces him in this world and the next.

And whosoever humbles himself in front of Allah, when he commits a sin he repents and seeks atonement, Allah will conceal his sins and faults in this world and the next. In fact, he will place a barrier in between him and other bondsmen.

He will say, “You committed all these sins.” He will confess and will think that he is in great trouble and his abode is going to be with the losers. Allah will say, “I have pardoned all your sins and transformed all your evil deeds into good deeds.”

After all, man is very greedy and avarious, but on hearing this, he will say, “Oh Allah! There were lots of many other wrong doings too, which you haven’t counted as yet.”

When he comes to know that he’s getting good deeds in place of all his evil deeds whereas before he was assuming that he is totally lost and destroyed. However, when he realizes that he’s being rewarded good deeds in place of all his evil ones, he will say, “You haven’t disclosed all of my sins as yet.”  Whereupon Allah will say, “You are really covetuous, I give you all you desire.”

Allah says: (kuntum khaira ummatin) “You are the best of nations.”Allah has informed us of the reality. Even the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said that you are the best and the most beloved of all the Ummahs..

Musa (alaihissalam) once asked, “Oh Allah! Is any Ummah better than mine?” Allah(SWT) asked why, he said, “The clouds shaded my Ummah and mann and salwa (quail meat) was sent down on my Ummah….

Fal Yuballigh…! Convey this message…!

In the hadith the Prophet (sallallahu alihi wasallam) says (fal yuballagh ashshahidu al ghaaibah)  “Those who are present must convey this message to those who are absent.” This is a sahih, a ‘mutawatir’ hadith, and a ‘mutwatir’ hadith is the one, which has been narrated by ten sahaba, to convey Allah’s message to others.


The Tableeghi Jamaat is not the one recommending this. Allah is the One Who has commanded to do this duty. Allah’s Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) is the one who is instructing us to do it. We are only a median in between, to remind people.

Secondly, Tableegh is no movement or group. And it is wrong to call it a Jamaat. Every single Muslim is a Tableeghi. It is every Muslims duty. In fact, a Muslim is taught Tableegh from the moment he is born.


When a child is born the adzan is called in one ear, and the Iqamaah in the other. Adzan is Tableegh and so is Iqamah.  How is the adzan Tableegh?

Come people it is time for salat, and Iqamaah? . Oh people come, the prayer is being started. In one ear Adzan is being called, and the Iqamah in the other. We make the child a ‘muballigh’ as soon as he is born.


“Oh child! You must propogate this message in the whole world”.

Once a doctor said to me, “First people’s food must be improved then their Imaan can be revived.” I inquired, “How is that?”  He said, “Salat is ordained at the age of fifteen years, whereas, the child has to be fed from the day he is born.


Thus first nutrition has to be enhanced then the Imaan” What great evidence. I told him ‘Oh servant of Allah, The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)’s practice is that as soon as the child is born, before anything is put in his mouth, call the Adzaan in one ear and the Iqaamah in the other, first nourish him with Deen, then feed him.


He is told from the day he is born that you will call ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Ash hadu allailaha’ and ‘Ash hadu anna Muhammadar rasululullah” in all four corners of the earth. Your job is to invite people towards Allah. He is told from day one.


Thus, Allah has appointed this Ummah for the work of Tableegh. It is my responsibility as well as yours. Why am I wasting my energy, will I be given any wages? It is my responsibility, it is my obligation, and I am reminding you that it is yours too. If I have been fabricating this I am foolish, and if Allah and His Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) have appointed it as a responsibility, then whoever denies is a fool.


Allah is telling us that we are the best of all nations. Why?  Because you have been taken out of your homes.

For what purpose? . So that you propogate My Deen, strive to eradicate evil and believe in Me.


So now when Allah is telling us, we must confess that we are accountable. We should be ashamed of not being able to carry out our responsibility.  Oh Allah! We are sinful and guilty of not working for your Deen.


Here we are not even ready to accept that it is our responsibility. If a person doesn’t assume something as his responsbility he won’t pay even the slightest attention to it.  Who assumes it as his responsibility realizes his carelessness and guilt.


Thus, my brothers, Allah has employed us for this work of  Tableegh. Allah’s Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has given it as our responsibility, to go and further convey the message. And if we don’t agree, then just think, that why was he called back after a short period of twenty-three years?

The whole world is in pitch darkness. Who will go and transmit the message to them?  To Europe, America, Asia, Australia? Who will carry the divine message to them?


If all the people sitting here discharge themselves of this duty, if the people of Chicago claim that this is not our responsibility, you are making all this up, and I deny this as being my responsibility too, then who is accountable?


Dying as a kaafir is not easy, it is a very big loss and a great calamity.  Dying in the state of Imaan is the highest achievement and the most supreme triumph. When a man dies as a kaafir, shaitaan rejoices. He smells the filth of kufr. But if he dies as a Muslim, shaitaan becomes hysterical and he is furious, he cries, he smells the fragrance of Imaan. A perfume emanates from his ruh.


Shaitan’s friends ask, “Why are you crying?”  He answers, “Can’t you see, you imprudent people, someone departed with Imaan, he was so steadfast we couldn’t over power him.”


In the whole world, there are four hundred million kuffar and one hundred million Muslims. So who will strive in the way of inviting the one hundred million Muslims towards compensating? And who will invite the four hundred million kuffar to come into the folds of Islam?  Just tell us who is responsible, and we will leave you alone.

And if you claim that no one is liable, then, as I told you before, Allah’s book has told us and Allah’s Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has told us that you we are answerable.


This is a great job…


And it is because of this great job, Allah has exalted this Ummah. They move from place to place as if they were insane for the sake of this Deen. For this reason, Allah has esteemed us.

Allah sent down the ayat of the Qur’an:


(man jaa’a bil hasanah falahu ashru amtsaalihaa)  “Whoever shall come with a good deed, he will be given credit for ten similar good deeds” Al-Ana’m 160.

The previous Ummahs, were given the reward of one good deed equalling one reward. Where as we will be rewarded ten times in return for one good deed.


Why are we more pious and virtuous as compared to them? Allah says the work you have been chosen for is splendid and remarkable.


A doctor works for one hour and so does a labourer, are their earnings the same?  A labourer, he works for eight hours and so does a doctor, are their earnings the same? Even though the toil of the labourer is much more, the poor person blows his hammer all day.

The work Allah has selected this Ummah for is the reason why the compensation is higher. Allah’s Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) has been so affectionate and lenient on our behalf.


The parents’ affection is nothing as compared to Allah’s. When this ayat was revealed he said, “Oh Allah! Ten is quite a lot, but just increase it a little more”

(rabbi zid ummati) Allah accepted his request and revealed.

(man dzalladzi yuqridhullaha qardhan hasanan faudha’ifa lahu adh’afan katseera) “Who is he that will lend unto Allah a goodly loan, so that He may increase it manifold to his credit” Al-Hadid 11.


Is that enough? The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) exclaimed, “Oh Allah, just give my Ummah a little more.” Allah said:


(matsalulladzeena yunfiquna amwaalahum fee sabeelillahi ka matsali habbatin ambatat saba’a sanaabil fee kulli tsumbulatin mi’atu habbatin wallahu yudha’ifu liman yashaa wallahu wasi’un aleem) “The parable of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is that of a grain that sprouts into seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains; for Allah grants manifold increase unto whom He wills; and Allah is infinite, all-knowing” Al-Baqarah 231.


You give one and I will give up to seven hundred times increase, is that enough? The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) requested, (zid ummatii) “Oh Allah give my Ummah some more.” So Allah revealed:


(innamaa yuwaffas shaabiruuna ajrahum bighairi hisaab)“Verily, the steadfast will be given their reward beyond all reckoning” Az-Zumar 10.
I will give your Ummah without measure, take all you want.

This honor was bestowed upon this Ummah.


It is said about them (annaazeeluhum fee sudurihim) ‘their Qur’ans will be in their hearts’.


No Ummah was able to memorize their book. No Ummah had learned the Torah, Zaboor or Injeel by heart. This Ummah is the only one that has learnt their holy book by heart.


It is narrated in a hadith (inna fil jannati nahran ismuhuu rayyan alaihi madeenatun min marjaan lahu sab’una alfa bab min dzahabi wa fiddha li haamilil qura’n) “there is a river in Jannah called Rayyan, over it is the city made of ‘marjaan’, which has seventy thousand doors made of gold and silver, this is for the learner of the Quran.”

Nowadays no one pays reverence to Huffadh, everyone is running behind doctors. They earn more. We value engineers and traders. On the day of Qiyamah Allah (SWT)  will esteem the Huffadh.


Nowadays everyone is following the Huffadh with sticks, why were you late for Salat, why did you lengthen the Salat?  Coming late is a big problem, and if he prolongs the Salat another problem arises.

On the Day of Judgement Allah will call the Hafidh near Him and command him, (iqra’) “Read” (wartaqi) “and ascend higher” (wa rattil) “and recite calmly and distinctly” (kamaa kunta turattilu fiddunia) “as you beautifully used to recite in dunya” (fa inna manzilataka inda aakhiri aayatin taqrauhaa) “your degree is where you reach the last ayat.”


When you reach to the Surah An Nas you will have passed all the Jannahs and entered the highest Jannah. None of the previous Ummahs were granted this excellence.

No Ummah was given the Adzan, but we were granted the Adzan. The dust of the grave cannot eat up a muadzin. (laa udawwadu fee qabrihee)


Insects will eat up kings and doctors, all landlords, farmers, rulers and subordinates, insects will eat their bodies. But, when a muadzin enters his grave the dirt of the grave is commanded, “Don’t even dare to touch him, he used do raise his voice for calling people to me,” The insects are not allowed to eat him.


On the Day of Judgement Ibrahim (alaihis salam) will be the first one to be clothed. Then the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will be clothed. Then all other prophets. (alaihimussalam) Then the people who used to call the Adzan will be clothed.


The Adzan


This Ummah was given the Adzan. Whereas, in previous Ummahs, some used to ring bells, play flutes, and others used to light a fire.


Allah alloted this Ummah the Adzan. Bilal (radiallahu anhu) was the first muadzin. (atwalu a’naaqan yaumal qiyaamah) The muadzin will be standing on the highest rank.


Umar (radhiallahu anhu) used to say, “If I wouldn’t have been the Ameerul Mumineen, I would’ve been a muadzin.”


Once, when the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) mentioned the virtues of the Adzan, Umar (radhiallahu anhu) said, “Oh Rasulullah! It seems that we will fight over calling the Adzan.” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “It will not be so, Oh Umar, a time will come when people will feel ashamed to give the Adzan and the inferior people will be appointed to call the Adzan.”


And it is said about our Ummah (sadaqaatuhum fee butuunihim ya’kuluunahaa) “their zakat will be eaten by them.” Our zakat is taken from the rich and given to the needy, our zakat is distrubuted amongst ourselves.

Whereas, the previous Ummah’s  zakat  used to be kept on a mountain. A fire used to come from the sky and burn it to ashes. They couldn’t give their zakat to the poor. They could only give their nafal sadqah to the poor. Their zakat was for the fire: it wasn’t for them.


Allah has pampered this Ummah so much. Once a bedouin came to the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and said, “Oh Prophet of Allah! I am ruined” the Propet asked him, “What happened?” He said, “I coopulated my wife while fasting.” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ordered him to free a slave. He said, “How can I afford to buy a slave, I only own self and I have no money.” So the Prophet (salllallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Feed sixty indigent persons.” He answered, “there is no one more needy than me in Medina.” So the Prophet ordered him to fast sixty days in atonement. At this he said, “I wasn’t able to refrain myself in one fast, what will I do in sixty days?” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) started laughing and ordered him to wait, we’ll find some way out for you.


Just then a man came in with a basket full of dates. The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) asked, “Where is that bedouin?” He said, “I’m sitting here.” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Take this and give this to the needy people of Medina in alms.” On hearing this, he exclaimed, “Oh Prophet of Allah, I swear by Allah, there is no one poorer than me in the whole of Medina, why don’t you give it to me?” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) smiled and said, “Ok, so you take it, and this permission is for you not for anyone else,”


Allah has pampered this Ummah to this extent. That bedouin commited a sin and he’s eating the penalty himself.


Whosever is doing a great work, his faults are not taken notice of. If someone is labouring for me, and he makes a mistake, I will bear it. Because he is working for me I wouldn’t pay much heed.


Allah has employed us for a great work, pass on My kalimah, publicize My message. And it is on this work Allah that gives us the reward. The Sahaaba (radhiallahu anhu) have sacrificed themselves and made every effort for the sake of propagating this message.


Hadrat Saad wants to get married


Once, Hadhrat Saad (radhiallahu anhu) came to The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and exclaimed, “Oh Prophet Allah! I want to get married but not a single person is willing to grant me his daughter, I am black and moneyless, however, I belong to a noble family, I am an ansaari, but no one accepts my proposal.”


The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Go to Amar Bin Wahab Thaqafi (radhiallahu anhu) and tell him to give you his daughter.”  Now, (Amar) was well off and his daughter was quite pretty. Saad (radhiallahuanhu) went to Amar’s house and called out “ajib rasula rasulillah” “reply to the call of the messanger of Allah’s Prophet” he hastily came out and answered “marhaban bi rasuli rasulillah” “welcome oh thou who has been sent from the Prophet of Allah.”


Amar asked him what the matter was, Saad informed him of The Prophet (sallallhu alaihi wasallam)’s message that marry your daughter to me, and alas, Amar was a father, he could see the vast difference, great poverty on one side, and wealth on the other, ugliness on one side, and beauty on the other, so he hesitated, he stammered a bit, and answered that it isn’t possible.


On hearing this,  Saad turned over to go back. The daughter had listened to this conversation sitting inside, so when her father came inside, she said, “ya abata! annajaat annajat qabla an yafdhahaka al wahu” I accept it. Amar scurried behind.

Meanwhile, Saad had already informed the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) that the proposal has been rejected, so when Amar arrived, He said, “antalladzi radadta ala’ rasulillahi maa radadta?” “are you the one who replied as you replied?”.


He answered, “Oh Prophet of Allah! Afterall, I am the father. Now I am ready to carry out whatever you enjoin me to.”


The Prophet (sallallahu alahi wasallam) told him to marry his daughter, He answered “Oh Prophet of Allah! You marry her.” The marriage took place and the dowry was four hundred. The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ordered Saad to hand over the dowry, he exclaimed, “Oh Prophet o Allah! I don’t even have 4 pennies, how can I afford four hundred?”


Thus, the Prophet  (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) requested Hadrat Ali, Abu Bakr and Abdur Rahman (radhiallahu anhum) to arrange some money for him, they collected for him eight hundred. Saad was delighted, it was much more than he needed, thus, he proceeded to the bazaar to buy some things he was in need of, just then, a voice arose from the masjid calling out…


“yaa khailalllahi irkabee”, this voice used to be called out when someone was needed in jihaad “Oh horsemen of Allah! Ride away/ Take off/ mount  (on your horses).”

Usually, there used to be minor attaks on Medina, launched by the Arab bedouins. So, this was one of the occasions on which the Bediouns had invaded Medina, and as soon as the news arrived there was an announcement from the masjid…


“Ya khailallahi! Irkabee”. On hearing this, Hadrat Saad (radhiallahu anhu) who was planning to pick up his bride, who had come with the intention of getting married, as soon as these words struck his ears, he stood right there, and took a look at the sky –

(Subhanallah), and exclaimed, “Allahumma ilahas samaawaati wal ardh” “Oh lord of the heavens and the earth” “wa ilaaha Muhammadin (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)” “and Oh Lord of Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)” “la ajalanna haadzihi ddaraahima feemaa yuhibbullahu wa rasuuluhu wal mu’minun” “witness that I will utilise this money in that which Allah and His Prophet and the believing people would desire/prefer.” and with the same money that he was once planning to do some shopping/ buying some essentials for his marriage, now he goes and buys a horse, a shield and a sword, and hangs the sword on the horse, one vault and there he goes, he reached there will all the other muslims, and he concealed/vieled his face with his turban.


Everyone was quite curious, as to who is this person with the hidden  face, “manil mutalatsim” “who is thou with the vieled face?” Hadrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) hushed them saying it must be someone what’s it to you? I’m not quite sure why he had hidden his face and nor is there any kind of clear explanation for this act in the hadith, but, I think, that it was so that the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) wouldn’t return him if he saw him, that why are you here?


You’ve just got married go right back, this is my farthest opinion. Anyways, when the attack was launched he ensued and in the first attack his horse got wounded, and, when his horse lurched, he stumbled along with it too, he got to his feet, folded up his sleeves, and when he went by the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) He recognized Saad, and exclaimed, “awa Saadun!” “Aren’t you Saad?”, “Yes indeed I am Saad”, “bi abee ant yaa rasulallallhi” “abshir” “congratulations to you (of jannah)”  The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “asbahta saeeda” “you are glorified/blessed” ‘Saad’ and ‘Saeed’ mean blessed/lucky/fortunate/ redeemed. “Oh Saad you have become Saeed”, “that’s all I desire Oh Prophet of Allah.” And all of a sudden he leapt into the crowd and fought till he was severely injured and tumbled down.


The Sahaaba (radhiallahu anhu) exclaimed, “useeba Saadun Ya rasulallah” “Oh Prophet of Allah! Saad is hurt”, on hearing this, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) scurried towards him and thrust/shoved Saad’s head in his own lap, Saad’s head was in the Prophet’s lap and His tears were wiping off the mud on Saad’s face, the Prophet’s tears were trickling on his face, and whilst weeping the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) exclaimed, “maa atyaba reehak wa ahaabbaka ilallahi wa rasulihi yaa Saad!” “how lovely is your fragrance Oh Saad! And you are so greatly adored by Allah and His Prophet” “waradal  haudha wa rabbil Kaaba” “I swear by the Lord of the Kaaba! He has already arrived at the Haudh of Kauthar” and he smiled, and turned away his face, Abu Lubaaba was standing nearby, his grave is in Tunus, for what reason had he travelled all the way to Tunus?, to make money/bucks?,  No way, he travelled all the way to convey the message, he went there and died there, he went there to call people to the Deen of Allah.


Anyways, when the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said this, Abu Lubaba asked, “What is this Haudh Oh Rasulallah?”, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) replied, “It is the fountain of Kauthar, it is as white as milk, sweet as honey and cold as ice, you drink one sip and you will never feel thirsty”, then he asked, “Oh Rasulallah! You first cried, then smiled, then you turned your face away, why was that?”, he said “Ra’ayitu minka tsalaasa khis’alin” “I noticed three expressions”…


The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) answered, “amma bukaai fa shauqan ilaa Saadin” “I cried  in woe of Saad’s death”, “wa amma dhihkee fa mimma ra’aytu manzilatahu indallah” “and wheras my smiling, for it was because of the high decree (which he was awarded with) “wa amma iraadhee fa limaa ra’aytu azwaajahu minal hoorain” “and as for the turning over of my face, it was because of the Hoor’s I saw, which were his wives” “kaashifaatin suqahunna wa baadiyaatin khalaakhee lahunna fa a’radhtu anhunna hayyan” “(they were running so fast that) their legs uncovered and their anklets exposed, so I turned my head away  in embarrasement.” And He ordered “go tell Saad’s wife that Allah has awarded him wives much more beautiful than you.”


My Dear brothers, there was a time when this work was so deeply rooted in this ummah that they’re leaving their wedding and going out to give their lives to die, and now it has been  forgotten to the extent, that you conclude your speech in two hours, and ask who’s ready, and everyone ducks/ stoops their heads down.


It is our responsibility


Our honor is in doing this work. This tableegh work is our nobility. It is our responsibility, my brothers.


For Allah’s sake, take it as your responsibility. And carry out this work, overhere, just you are enough to convince the whole of America to embrace Islam.


Make an intention that we will just earn as much as we need, and all  the rest of our time we will sacrifice for the sake of Allah’s deen. I promise you by Allah that  there will be breezes of hidayah, through your sacrifices all the idols of falsehood will crush away/crumble away/ smash to flinders.


You yourselves can’t understand what abilities Allah has gifted you, when you start this work, all these abilities will become apparent/evident/ precise, they will stand out as clear as day, Khaalid (radhiallahuanhu) became the ‘Saifullah’ ‘Sword of Allah’ when he entered this field, Umar became ‘Faaruq’ when he entered the circle of Islam, Uthmaan became ‘Dhunnurain’ when he came into the folds of imaan, Ali became the ‘Asadullah’ when he proceeded in the field of imaan,  Abu Bakr became ‘Siddiq’ when he came into the field of imaan, if they wouldn’t have accepted it they would’ve  expired like the ignorant.


We posess the potential too, but it will only be of use when we proceed in this field.


Lion locked in the cage…


A lion’s strength/might can never be known when he’s locked in a cage, it can be acknowledged when he’s in the jungle. A muslim’s abilities don’t appear in the store, a muslim’s abilities shimmer in tableegh.


If you lock up a lion in a cage, even the kids will hit him with sticks, and if you would make an announcement in the zoo that the lion has emerged from its cage, even the people taking care of the cage will run away, why?, because the lion has taken its place , when you see the lion in a jungle you chill to the bone/your frightened out of your wits, wheras the one that’s in the cage, you go on hitting without any kind of fear, why is it so?, it’ because the poor lion isn’t standing in the place it’s supposed to, all of its strength fades away, it diminishes.


Likewise, a muslims potency doesn’t show itself in the clinic, it doesn’t expose itself in front of the computer, not in his business, not in the store, a muslims capability becomes apparent when he enters the field of tableegh, when the angels encircle him, Gibraeil and Mikaail accompany him, Allah’s unseen army shades him, and Allah’s unperceplitble support/assistance is with him, Allah’s hand lies on his head and falsehood is smoldering/scorching away.


If you want to see a Muslim’s abilities, observe him whilst he is in the field of tableegh, take him out of the house, take him out of the store, and the clinics and offices. My brothers, it would be the greatest  favour on all of mankind, that a muslim becomes a muballigh (propogater) of his Din.


To consume your lives, time, money for this cause, and to accept it as your responsibility, then you will sense Allah’s hand over your head.



Hadhrat Abu Ubaida (radhiallahu anhu) invaded a city in Syria, with an army of four thousand, they (the people of shaam) hoisted their flags, and said we won’t fight/wage war, we demand a truce, and they opened the gates of their city. And when they came to Hadrat Abu Ubaida (radhiallahu anhu) to discuss the matter, the chief of the city started to bite his hands, and he was saying something quite loudly, Hadhrat Abu Ubaida requested the translator to ask him as to why he is doing so. On this, the chief answered, “When we saw your army from the top (from the top of our fort) your army seemed to be so great that we couldn’t see the last end, and now, you aren’t any more than four thousand, where are the rest? We hoisted our flags in fear  of them.”


Hadrat Abu Ubaida laughed and answered, “innahaa ummatun muayyadatun bil malaaikah.” “this is the ummah which is supported by angels.”


Once, a man came to the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) and said, “Oh Prophet of Allah! Two men were fighting with all their might on your right and left side, who were they?” The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) asked, “Did you see them?” he answered, “Yes” The Prophet answered, “Gibraeil was on one of my sides and Mikail on the other.”


My Brothers, everythings the same today, they exist to this day, we are the ones who have changed.


Make intention…!


Thus, My Brothers, make an intention to revive Islam in the whole world. We don’t need strength, any kind of an army, or any kind of an athourity or leadership to carry out this task. All we need, is that this heart is linked/associated with Allah.


Make it the throne of Allah, wipe it clean, wash it, purify it, and saturate it with the love of Allah. Demolish all the idols, scratch away all the likenesses, and stimulate the sovereignity of Allah and His Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) in this heart, Allah will smash all the soverignities of the world and bring it at your feet.


Tear away all the idols inside yourself, Allah will smash the ones outside. A jewel stands out when its studded in a ring, or in a crown, if you would fix it in a shirt, it wouldn’t stand out, be noticed, a muslims ring is this work of tableegh, a muslim is the diamond which shines/shimmers when studded in this great work, if you fix a gem under your shirt it would never be noticed.


A muslim’s field isn’t agriculture, buisness, trade, governing or medicine, his field is tableegh, if you approach it you will obtain the world too.


The main reason why people don’t step forward in tableegh, because all you see is spending/consuming and no profit/earning/ income. If we spend the weekend there, it’ll cost us at least 100 dollars, at least it must be costing you thirty to fifty dollars, and besides this, we must take a day off, and you lose a days salary, so you see no recompensation, you get nothing in return.


We consume our money in business without any hesitation, because we receive an immense profit.

The truth is that the earnings of a highly profited buisness aren’t obtained right away. For example, if we want to set up a factory, we wouldn’t get any profit the first day, it would take some time. Wheras, if we set up a fruit cart, we could expect some profit the first day, buy some fruit from the market and sell it right away, and return home in the evening with the day’s earnings.


But, if you set up a mill, you’ll have to wait all year until you finally earn some heavy yields. It will run all year, then disburse its debts, and finally in the end it will yeild you some profit, and at this stage it can yield millions of dollars a day. But if you want to set up a fruit cart, you can never earn a million dollars all your life, and if you set up a mill, you will have to undergo some hard times for the first few years, but afterwards you can profit millions of dollars a day. Likewise, tableegh is quite a lucrative buisnes, its profit is gained a bit late, you have to be patient.


I’ll give you an example, Abdurrahman Ibn Auf, left back his home and migrated to Makkah, empty handed, and the day he expired, he left behind him four hundred million two hundred thousand Dinars, this is just the cash he left, he hadn’t left behind paper made dollars, it was pure gold.


All this dollar thing is fake, its will soon come to an end, because it’s as artificial/ false system. He left behind him four hundred million two hundred thousand pure gold coins, cash, and besides this, one thousand horses, ten hundred thousand goats, a thousand camels, and gold bricks, which, when were being slashed,to be distributed amongst his predecessors, the saws broke, they were so many.


And from which category is he from? He is one of the top list ten Sahaba (radhiallahuanhum), which are known as the ‘ashara mubashshara’, The Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) once said, “Abu Bakr fil Jannah, Umar fil Jannah, Uthman fil Jannah, Ali fil Jannah, Talha fil Jannah, Zubair fil Jannah, Saad fil Jannah, Saeed fil Jannah, Abu Ubaida fil Jannah, Abdurrahman fil Jannah” “Abu Bakr will be in Jannah, Umar will be in Jannah, Uthman will be in Jannah, Ali will be in Jannah, Talha will be in Jannah, Zubair will be in Jannah, Saad will be in Jannah, Saeed will be in Jannah, Abu Ubaida will be in Jannah, Abdurrahman will be in Jannah.” These are the ten Sahaba who were granted the glad tidings of jannah in one meeting/council (majlis), they are known as the ‘asharah mubasharah’, and all this wealth did not bring him down from the tenth to the eleventh.


Allah awarded so much. And inspite of all this, we claim, that there is just spending and no return, that’s why we don’t feel like consuming/expending.


It is a gainful buisness, if you invest/devote a little amount, you will benefit so much, that you won’t even be able to take care of it. Just try to loan Allah something, there should be the desire to loan Him something, then see how He will repay it.


Allah will return infinitely


Allah will return infinitely. When you will start getting the rewards, then even your wives will pursuade you to go for tableegh, then they won’t hinder/prevent you, and why do they prevent you now? Because they think its just expending. But then they will say, go out for tableegh, even the kids will say go in tableegh.

Thus my brothers, I swear by Allah, Allah will countlessly/ infoinitely/abundantly reward you.


Sustenance will pour down on you, if we revive this work of tableegh.


Thirty Billion Dinars were acquired as booty from the city of  ‘Madain’, it came to Madina, you can take all you want, Allah granted them sacs full of gold and silver.

Thus my Brothers, tableegh is a great gain, but it’s unseen.


Once a shaikh joined tableegh, and his entire family started rebuking him, that what have you done. So once, he asked his family, I have handled so many businesses, have I ever undergone a loss?” They agreed with him and said, “You’ve never undergone a loss in any of your trades.” He said, “So what do you think I’m so unsighted that I’ve stepped into this buisness that would bring me a loss? I’ve thought a great deal before doing this buisness.”


As it is said the grainseller’s son fell for some reason. Someone came up to the grainseller and asked him, “Your son fell down and the pot broke!” He answered, “He must’ve fallen for some reason” So, when his son came he asked him, “Did you break the pot?” He said, “Yeah, but there was a gold coin there. If I would’ve picked it up just like that, someone would’ve caught me, so I fell down and broke a pot worth two pennies to get the gold coin.” The father said, “Didn’t I tell you he’s the grain seller’s son he must’ve fell down for some reason.”


Thus my brothers, tableegh is a trade, just step into it and see how many gains you earn, you won’t be able to take care of them.


A story of 4 months tashkeel


An engineer came from Jordan, he told us, “I was willing to go out for four months, so I told my wife that I’m planning to go for four months.” She said, “Give me a divorce, take the kids with you and go.” I said to her, “Even if you take a divorce, you’ll have to sit for four months, so why not wait for me, I’ll come back in four months, where else will you go? Why do you want me to divorce you?” She insisted him and demanded a divorce. He talked to his parents, they said, “Even leaving your parents and going for hajj is not allowed, so what kind of tableegh is this?”


When Allah fixes/installs the intention in the heart he assists ways. He narrated, “I made a plan, one day I came home with some documents, and I showed them to her.” Jordan, like Pakistan is a poor country.


So he came home and said that this is a job offer from Kuwait, it is a three years agreement and they are calling me for three years, now, the parents who were judging that even going for hajj is not allowed, listen to their decision now, “Go its no problem Allah will take care of us. It will be useful in building your childrens future.”

And the wife, who was demanding a divorce, just because a mere four months now says, “Three years are nothing, they’ll just fly by.”


Hearing this, he said, “You demand a divorce because of four months and now for three years you say they’ll just fly by. I did all this just for the sake of silencing you. You are slaves of money, you don’t care about my grave, you have no concern about my akhirat, you don’t care about my jannah. I did all this to warn you that this worldly life are goods of deception, this is a decieving life.”


Thus, he spent four months in the way of Allah. Whosover makes the firm intention, Allah opens the tracks/paths for him.


There was a Pashtun leader, in our country, he was one of the spoilt ones. Usually pathans are quite devoted, except for the ones who are educated (wordly), it spoils their deen. He spent three days in jamaat, and wanted to grow a beard. Now his wife hindered him “I won’t let you take such a step.” she claimed. Whosever makes the firm intention in his heart, He subjects all the ways.


One day he came up to his wife and said, “I’m thinking of remarrying, but I’m thinking, should I marry first, or first grow a beard.” So his wife answered, “First grow a beard them marry afterwards.” He said, “That’s what I was willing to hear from you.” Whoever wills to do something Allah enlightens the ways for him. Wheras, who doesn’t even do as much as making an intention, he himself proceeds blindly, and dies unsighted.


You resolve/determine that we, living in America, we must carry out this work, we must pubilize the message of Islam.

I swear by Allah, Allah will spread Islam in America through you, and He will bring the offsprings of these people into the folds of Islam. Allah will revitalize his kalimah. That all strength in the entire universe solely belongs to Allah.

(walillahi alizzatu wa li rasulihi wa lil mu’minin) “However, honor belongs to Allah, and to His Apostle and the believers.” Al-Munafiqun 8.


Tashkeel cash jamaat…


But for this sake make some intentions/resolutions, some promises and offer some cash jamaats.


Now say, my brothers, who is ready for forty days, four months cash. Say with great courage and ambition.


My brothers, make a firm intention in  your hearts today. At least accept it as your responsibility. Now present your names.


Many feel embarresed in having their names written, but, the ‘niyyah’ (intention) is an action of the heart, not of the tounge, the tounge is just for the sake of expressing this intention, otherwise, the intention is an act of the heart.


If you make a resolution in the heart Allah will write it. So make an intention in your hearts. You aren’t scared of that, are you?


Or are you afraid that if it’s accepted you will have no choice but to go?



Mufti Zainul aabideen, in Pakistan, when he went to the Masjid Nabawi a man came up to him and pleaded, “Pray that my grave is made here” Mufti sahab didn’t respond, he repeated this request several times, but no answer. Finally, Mufti Sahab held his hand and said, “Get up.” He asked, “Where?” Mufti sahab said, “We better go and make dua in Raodhal Jannah, it will be directly accepted there.”


Now, Mufti Sahab was pulling him forward and he was pulling him back, “No, not now.” So, at least don’t show any unstability/weakness in your intention.


At least make the intention. When Allah accepts a person, he makes it easy. Eating fiery peppers is so easy for people the of Delhi. Tears are trickling from their eyes, but they go on eating, its hurting them, but still they go on eating.


Likewise, those addicted to paan, its so easy for them, they go on clattering their teeth all day, their teeth are rotting away, black, yellow, red teeth, but alas, they are enjoying it.


Likewise, when one is accepted in Allah’s eyes, the words come out directly from his inner self, he can’t live without it.


A pashtun, he eats all his bread but if he hasn’t eaten his naswar (a drug which most pashtuns eat) , he says I haven’t eaten anything. It becomes his habit, he can’t live without it.


Once, a pashtun’s rabbit got lost, everyone said, “It’s rather sad, your rabbit got lost.” He said, “nothing to worry about, he won’t go anywhere, he’ll come right back here.” They asked, “Why?” he said, “He’s addicted to naswar, he won’t get naswar anywhere except here. He’ll come right back here.”


Thus, when a person gets the craving for deen, he won’t sense harmony anywhere, I swear by Allah you won’t feel peace anywhere, except for scurrying in this direction.

Just make the intention. As for bringing it into practice, establish prayers regularly, Allah has obliged salat, Allah called the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) to the heavens and prescribed/ordained it, not on the earth, He called him to the heavens, He called His Beloved to the heavens, He made him stand in front of Him and granted this salat to him.


If you’re on a job somewhere, you’re in an office or a store, when the time for salat comes, if the masjid is nearby, come to it, we saw many bazars in which there are many stores owned by muslims, so inshAllah they will come to the masjid. But many are faraway, so, wherever you work, call the adzan, Dhuhr and Asr come in working hours, call the adzan, and perform salat, even if you’re alone, call the adzan and then pray.


When one calls the adzan, wherever his voice reaches, and with whatever thing his voice collides with, they will all  bear witness on the day of qiyamah, thus, on one hand, he has prepared witnesses for himself, he has prepared the rocks, mountains, lanes and streets of America as witnesses for himself. They will say on the day of qiyamah, “Oh Allah, we witness/testify that he prayed over here” and secondly, it is narrated in a hadith that when a person calls the adzan and prays, even if he’s alone, all the believing jinns on his right and left side will join him.


If you don’t call the adzan they won’t bear witness. You call the adhan, and if they hear the call and they’re nearby they come and join him. It seems to you that you’re praying alone, but if there are beleiving jinns over there, an entire jamaat is accompanying you. And this adzan and salat will have a deep affect on the whole atmosphere.


Thus, wherever you go, call the adzan and perform salat. Even if you’re travelling, and the time for salat comes, call the adzan and pray, each of these things are a separate da’wah, take out some time for the recitation of the Qur’an, open it and read it, it’s Allah’s book, it’s Allah’s word. And read at least one tasbeeh of the third kalimah, durood and istighfar.


When one says ‘Subhanallah’, it just takes one second. And how much is earned? It is the saying of Allah’s beloved, “maa min abdin mu’minin yusabbihu lillahi tasbeehatan” When a Muslim says ‘Subhanallah’ or he says ‘Alhamdulillah’ or he says ‘Allahu Akbar’ or says ‘Laa ilaaha illallahu’ a tree is grown in jannah, the bottom of which is of gold, the top is of jewels, its fruit are ripe and hanging/drooping (to the ground) and ripe.


And how much does it cost? One second, ‘Subhanallah’, ‘Alhamdulillah’, ‘Laailaaha illallah’, ‘Allahu Akbar’. You recited the third kalimah in four seconds and planted four trees for yourself in jannah.


We request you to recite it at least one hundered times in the morning and evening, there is no limit for more than this amount. One hundered is the least. Durood one hundered times, Istighfar one hundred times and the third kalimah one hundred times.

A hundred times in the morning and a hundred in the evening. One should keep on doing dzikr. One utters many inappropriate/wrong words too. One of our Mashaikh passed away, he was from punjab and he used to curse a lot.

Someone met him in his dream, so he said, “My dzikr and curses were weighed, and my dzikr rose (in weight), and because of this I was forgiven.” One utters many wrong things with his tongue.


(, edited 06/10/08)

Note : Thanks to Brother Said Kamiyabi for profiding this bayan in his blog so it can be shared by others.


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